Business Opportunities in Africa
International Franchising

Double Stripe Limited provides the required spring board for International brands with a goal of expanding into the African market. Successful International brands in Africa attributes key successes of their brands’ performance to a strong local support; before, during, and after start of operations
We do not just connect you with the untapped markets in Africa but also serve as a major multi-level linkages to the local government authorities, big industrial corporates, ready manpower,...
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Renewable Energy

Africa has over 1.2 billion people out of which over 70% have no access to energy. In total, Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 99.6% of the unelectrified population in Africa despite its numerous natural advantages (extremely favorable sun and wind conditions, big hydro potential and important sustainable biomass potential) and its dramatic needs...
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Real Estate Development

It is no longer news that Africa is the global destination of investment and Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa with an estimated nominal GDP of over USD 510 billion, excluding the informal sector.
Real Estate acquisition and development in Africa can be an effortless process where you are guided by a reliable local partner. We provide African investors with the full spectrum of support to acquire choice real estate properties for Joint Venture or direct commercial and residential purposes...
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Mechanized Agriculture

Agriculture generates up to 50 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), contributing more than 80 percent of trade in value and more than 50 percent of raw materials to industries. There are over 1.2 billion people to feed in Africa. The massive market is not just untapped, Africa has excellent weather conditions for farming.
There are massive opportunities in mechanical power for power-intensive operations that require little control (such as milling, threshing, water pumping, or land preparation...
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Ongoing Projects

EU Citizenship Exhibition

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Double Stripe Estate, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

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EU Citizenship Exhibition

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